We are keen on helping you move efficiently and with relative ease. Have a look at our local or long-distance moving tips to save you time, energy and money.

  1. Try to pack everything in boxes. It makes packing in a truck a lot easier. If you have many loose items, the job becomes tedious, it takes more time to pack and move in a truck.
  2. Empty all drawers in any furniture to avoid any scratch or damage.
  3. Fully empty fridge and unplug it a few hours before the move.
  4. Try to keep parking spot nearest to the entrance. Most of the trucks can fit in two-car parking spots/garage.
  5. If it’s an apartment, contact the building manager to make a booking for the lift and get it covered by curtains
  6. Please be clear about the details of the entrance, distance between truck parking and house, stairs, loading dock, or parking on the street. The more accurate information we get, the more likely we are to provide an exact quote for your move. It also helps us to choose our most suitable staff for a more efficient move.
  7. Planning on packing your home contents yourself? Please label all the boxes correctly. It will help us move boxes and place them in correct rooms in your new home or office.
  8. Pack all books and fragile items in smaller boxes, and all bigger and lighter items in bigger boxes. Make sure the weight of the boxes is just enough, not too heavy, so they can be moved faster and easier.
  9. Sort out unwanted furniture and household items and keep them in a separate place for a more organized and faster move.
  10. Try to make a booking for cleaning service after the move soon or the day after the move so you can settle in a new and clean place.